We have not yet begun to geek!

Lamanda7Well, The Yarden is almost totally frosted out. Oh well… that just means all the activity is mental for the next few months. And now that there will be some free time, I can tell you about some cool, cool stuff that happened this summer…

Our obsessive (well, my obsessive) picture taking days in Stockholm’s “kolonie lotter” (I’m sure I spelled that wrong). Tiny villages of garden shed sized houses for weekend gardeners to stay in as they tend their plots. DAMN the Swedes are CIVILIZED! (I should know, I married one!)

Austria’s version of Seed Saver Exchange called “Arche de Noah” (also probably misspelled). I couldn’t read the German – the Swedish husband helped here and there – so I had to rely on my rudimentary gardener’s LATIN (God bless Carl Linnae!)

Aside from summer adventure, I have a bunch of other great stuff to share… WORDS – you should see my bookshelf. I think I own every great book on cooking and vegetable gardening out there, so we’ll be talking about the best of the best.

And last, but not least, starting in January the GARDEN PORN (seed catalogues) start to roll in and The Yarden planning begins again.

It’s going to be a great winter!

LaManda JoyWe have not yet begun to geek!