Water Wednesday #2


Belvedere Palace Spitter Man

Belvedere Palace Spitter Man

Now I understand why one is supposed to save the best for last. I think I might have blown it sharing the unbeatable Fountain of the Moors on the first of 21 posts! However, I have a few more fountain tricks up my sleeve so hang in there for some surprises along the way…

[P.S. Many commenters agreed that the moss couch is, indeed, the coolest thing ever. Glad you all enjoyed!]

This is as good a time as any to introduce a high-brow concept that I like to call Spitter Men (SM for short.)  Many of the face fountains in our collection are of this ilk and represent derivations of wine soaked ecstasy gods, Bacchus (Roman) – Dionysius (Greek), or the untamed forest-based Green Man (British Isles). These are the guys that keep the pantheon hopping and represent the wild nature of nature which I like to see encouraged in any way possible. Most SM’s have a naughty look to remind us of their wine guzzling, orgy inducing, ecstatic, wild roots. Some are a bit misguided and have a more puritanical/stern “I told you not to have that last glass and now you’re embarrassing me” gaze, but most just look like they want you to dance and fornicate until you pass out. I like to think that the motto of these SMs is “Imbibo Sersum” (drink up!)

Today’s SM is from the Belvedere Palace and Gardens in Vienna, Austria. He is part of a much larger fountain that I didn’t find very interesting. An overdone fountain is, well, overdone. I like simplicity vs. half clad drenched wenches writhing around or reaching for some allegorical triumph. Anyway, I particularly like this SM because he can really spit it! The water arc is amazing. Many of the SM we have pictures of, and will be sharing later, are more docile and responsible only for a small basin of their own vs. having to compete with the writhing wenches. I think this guy does a good job holding his own.

I also like him because he is a manageable size that a somewhat normal person could perhaps have in their garden without having to have a last name of Habsburg.

So now you’re familiar with the very technical term “Spitter Man” (there might be a quiz later) and will be prepared for the 19 posts yet to come…

As with the first post, I’ll share an extra little tidbit. Here’s me being a dork. I can’t compete with the Belvedere SM on range but I think I have a good pucker.


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LaManda JoyWater Wednesday #2

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