Water Wednesday #4

As we said when we started this series, “Water is the soul of the garden.” – Chinese proverb. The spitter man we’re going to share with you today has a lot of soul. When we stumbled upon him and his shell on the way to the Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy we had to stop and ponder. Such a serious face!

From my ramblings on Bacchus/Dionysus/Green Men in Water Wednesday #2, you know that they usually have a mischievous expression. At first I thought this was a comrade of that ilk who was just in a bad mood but after studying his face and the shell-like motif of his hat and basin, I think he’s another category altogether. Check out those eyebrows!


IMG_1933Since it is a busy week, I’ll dive into more research later and leave you with these images for now. But let me take this moment to say – how amazing are the Italians that every day they get to walk by such a beautiful fountain minding his and his shell’s own business on a busy neighborhood street? Civilized!

And the tidbit for this week… while driving around Tuscany we stopped at a pottery store and found this guy.

[The pottery store alone is the topic for another post – when we pulled in Peter got that “uh oh” look on his face.]

After much discussion (pleading, groveling, begging) we decided there was no way to get this guy home safely – but notice the similar expression and rounded, shell-like appearance:

IMG_0211He could also be representing the wind with that pucker and the way the corona around his face has a lot of movement… Obviously, more research is required!

LaManda JoyWater Wednesday #4

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