Swedish Community Gardens #2

Welcome to Part 2 in my series of Swedish Community Gardens “kolonilotter”… in this post I’d like to show you a few of my favorite basic houses from Tantolunden…

As you will remember, many of the houses are “Dalarna Red” which is the traditional country house color of Sweden. The color comes from a byproduct of copper mining. Many of the kolonilotter are this default color.


Another common color in Swedish homes (and KLs) is this sunny yellow. Stockholm gets about four hours of daylight during the winter due to its northerly latitude. It is “the land of the midnight sun” so summers are great but winter not so much. Cheerful colors and light interiors keep everyone from going nuts… or at least try to. It might also explain the voracious appetite for gardening and the need for KLs… the season is short in Sweden and gardeners there take full advantage of all the sun they can get.

Please note in this picture the cityscape just beyond the park where the KLs are located.


Here’s another cheerful color. I also really like the shutters, the trellis by the door and the tiny window box. You will notice their tiny “outbuilding” is the typical red color.


This KL looks a little Cape Cod to me with its grey/green color and white trim… I like the rustic potting bench and the fence in the background. Nice neutral color so the plants can shine. Please note the tiny window with the mullions…


This KL is sort of a negative/reverse view of the typical white/red combo. Here red plays the supporting role in the trim. Notice the pots with geraniums under the window and the heart shaped plaque under the roofline.


I’ll end this post with this celery green KL. I haven’t seen this color in the Stockholm burbs per se but it fits the bill for cheerful. This house is newer as you can see from the gutters, the deck and the modern windows. Also notice the fancy windows under the roofline and the decorative shingles on the roof itself.

Next issue, we’ll talk about the “city infrastructure” of Tantolunden and maybe a few gardens!

Happy winter fantasizing…

LaManda JoySwedish Community Gardens #2

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