Trial by (Spit)Fire

I’m meditating on three cool garden things this Happy (albeit somewhat wet) Easter Sunday:

  1. How excited I am to actually start gardening again this season vs just talking about it
  2. How nasturtiums are my favorite flower of all time
  3. How amazing it is that social media has made it possible for gardeners to unite in ways never dreamed of before

I won’t dwell in Point 1 – there’s plenty info on my blog and Facebook page about that topic.

Point 2 – to prove it – I WILL bombard you with some nasturtium wonderfulness here:




Point 3 wraps them all into a neat bow as I am one of the garden/bloggers participating in the GROW project where many of us across the nation are planting the same seeds and reporting on the progress in our individual gardens.

I’m not home today to plant my seeds (The Yarden planting frenzy begins in earnest on April 16) but I have been giving it a lot of thought…

The Yarden Gate

The Yarden Gate

Renee’s Garden nasturtiums are no stranger to The Yarden. In fact, I grow Renee’s rambling nasturtiums each year in a very troublesome location – by the garden gate.

There is a small strip of dirt between the fence and the retaining wall. And it is DIRT, not soil, not loam, not hummus. It is plain, dry old dirt. Every garden season I throw a few leftover seeds back there to see what makes it (chard did ok last year – this year I’m also hoping for California Poppies) and generally ignore them for the rest of the season. The nasturtium planting, however, is intentional.

As you may know, they love bad soil. THRIVE in it. If they are planted in something more rich they get lots of leaves and none of the beautiful flowers. This spot is ideal.

So back to Point 3 – Nasturtiums are always welcome in The Yarden. And Renee’s are the best. I am so looking forward to reading about the other bloggers out there who are new to these wonderful flowers and/or learning from the cadre of experienced gardeners from whom I can educate myself even more about my favorite plant.

So, Spitfire, we’ll welcome you to The Yarden soon and I’m sure you’ll do just fine…

Spitfire Artwork from Renee's Garden Online Catalog

Spitfire Artwork from Renee’s Garden Online Catalog

“I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee’s Garden for the seeds.”

LaManda JoyTrial by (Spit)Fire

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