Fearless Food Gardening in Chicagoland

I love this quote. I love it because it is true and I am lucky enough to be part of a group of people who believe it too. At Peterson Garden Project we’re convinced we can teach an entire city (Chicago) to grow it’s own food.

This idea isn’t a new one (no good ideas are). We are inspired by the WW2 Victory Garden Movement and we’re ready for history to repeat itself.

To that end, Peterson Garden Project has written a book that compiles the knowledge we’ve gained over the last four years teaching hundreds of people how to grow their own food. And we’re ready to share it with anyone who wants to learn.

Fearless Food Gardening in Chicagoland is a month-by month growing guide for beginners written specifically for our growing conditions. And it is written with small spaces in mind. Of course, the book is great for anyone in USDA Hardiness Zones 5 or 6…

Proceeds from the sale of the book go to support the mission of Peterson Garden Project

The Peterson Garden Project is a volunteer organization committed to teaching people to grow their own food. We’re based in Chicago, Illinois, where we build community vegetable gardens and stronger communities, too.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Tell a friend interested in learning to garden
  • Share with your social networks
  • Let teaching organizations know about the book
  • Suggest it to a library or local bookstore
  • Buy one for yourself!

Thank you for your support. We’re going to teach everyone we meet to grow their own food and you’re welcome to be crazy with us…

To order click HERE

And thank you…

LaManda JoyFearless Food Gardening in Chicagoland

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