Come see me in Chicago! ACGA Conference August 7-10

As you may know, I’m on the board for the American Community Gardening Association.

Registration is now open for the 2014 conference which will be held in Chicago! ACGA was founded in Chi-town in 1979 and we’re still rocking the community garden world.

The host team, which includes luminaries from the Chicago community gardening scene, has put together a kick ass event. If you’re wanting to start a community garden program, network with leaders in the movement or get reinvigorated for an existing program, this is the conference to attend.

I’ll be speaking about Peterson Garden Project and a grant we got from Cornell University. And you’ll get to tour our Edible Treasures garden at the host venue, The Field Museum. PGP will also be hosting a workshop called “Food as Fundraiser” in our brand new “Fearless Food Kitchen”- here’s some info on that:

Many community gardens create food products as a way of raising funds. Honey, pickles, jams, teas and other “value added” products can be a great way to generate revenue and exposure for your programming. Located in the Peterson Garden Project’s “Fearless Food Kitchen,” this workshop will provide marketing, packaging, and safety ideas from food production experts and a hands-on canning basics class to help you get started. This tour will take place via public transit.

I’ve been actively involved in community gardens for a long time now. I’ve been on the ACGA board since 2011. And I’ve written a book called “Start A Community Food Garden: The Essential Handbook” that is coming out in December via Timber Press. So, if it isn’t perfectly clear, I believe in community gardens and I think you should, too.

Join us at the conference and you’ll see an amazing world of committed, passionate people who are, literally, changing the world. Powerful stuff. Join us!

LaManda JoyCome see me in Chicago! ACGA Conference August 7-10

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