Memories of Victory

When I’m on the speaking circuit and talking about Peterson Garden Project and Chicago Victory Gardens, there is always someone who says they remember their parent’s WW2 Victory Garden. I love hearing of memories that have lasted so long and are usually quite powerful and touching. I always ask if photos exist and, sadly, they rarely do. Once in awhile, however, someone finds one and sends to me.

From Mary N.


We were the recipients of a wonderful program you did for The Garden Club of Evanston back in October. At that time we spoke and I told you that my family had a victory garden during WWII on W. Glenlake in Sauganash Park, but that I didn’t have any photos. My sister just sent me this photo of my dad, myself and two brothers and lo and behold, there is the Victory Garden in the background.

Our garden was a short distance from the Peterson Garden at Peterson and Campbell. Our’s was close to Peterson and Kedvale. I remember we grew tomatoes and beans, not sure what else. Milkweed also grew there in abundance. That would be circa 1944-45.

My sister still lives in our family home. The garden is long gone filled in with houses as is the whole neighborhood. Playing in the “woods” off Devon Avenue was a favorite past time looking for bugs, flowers and butterflies. Growing up “in the country” is a wonderful memory.

The photo it shows my dad, Edward Killean, myself, and brothers, Jim and Bill in front of our house in the 40 hundred block of West Glenlake Avenue during the 1940’s. The train tracks, no longer used, carried soldiers to and from Fort Sheridan and we would run to the tracks to wave to them as they passed by.

LaManda JoyMemories of Victory