A cheesy revelation

A cheesy revelation


Cheese is one of my favorite things. Belief in the greatness of cheese is (almost) one of my guiding moral principals… and, in general, I don’t trust people who don’t like cheese (I make an exception now and again). The point – I love cheese. And, as you know from reading this long-form ramble, I also love making things from scratch…

Years ago I bought Ricki Carroll’s great book “Home Cheese Making” and read it from cover to cover (twice) with great intentions. That was four years ago.

About two months ago I realized there was an Oberweiss Dairy store about five minutes from my house  - what amazing milk they have! (www.oberweis.com)

This month for my birthday a friend, knowing of my urban sustainable bent, bought me a cheese making kit. That was the final planet that needed alignment… We made fresh ricotta.

FOLKS! This is easier than making a pan of brownies. Almost as easy as making an omelette… I kid you not. DEFINITELY easier than making pie (someone needs to change that expression, by the way).

Get good milk – put in salt and citric acid – stir – warm to 195 degrees – drain in cheesecloth

THAT’S IT. The taste is great but the sense of accomplishment is even greater…

So I’ve gone back to Home Cheese Making for round three… I’m afraid a Pandora’s box has been opened. But what better way to spend the winter when the Yarden output and activities are so limited?

Mozzarella is on deck next.

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  1. Thank you so much for everything especially Cheese making.

    My mom used to make it when I was little.



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