Five (Make That 10) Heirloom Tomatoes We Can’t Live Without

Each year when the garden season ends my husband, Peter, and I have a conversation about cutting back on our gardening activities. We have a resolve. An agreement. A decision has been made. And then gardening season rolls back around...

Memories of Victory

When I’m on the speaking circuit and talking about Peterson Garden Project and Chicago Victory Gardens, there is always someone who says they remember their parent’s WW2 Victory Garden. I love hearing of memories that have lasted so long and are usually quite powerful and touching. I always ask if photos exist and, sadly, they rarely do.

“Let Mommy get the feel of it…” (Kitchen Inspiration)

My first memories are of garden and kitchen with Father and Mother respectively. On the kitchen front, Mother tells me that my favorite thing was sitting on the kitchen floor with a pan and a wooden spoon for musical or culinary reasons. She also said I chattered a lot to myself – or maybe I

My new book!

I wanted to call this post “be careful what you wish for” but thought better of it. Although, looking back at the past five years, it all really did start with an innocent enough new years resolution to “teach ten people how to grow their own food.” Fast forward to today and I’ve had the


This post first appeared on We Can Grow It. I’m proud to say that when Peterson Garden Project started in 2010, we were committed to growing food for others. Five seasons later, this program has really blossomed under the care of of dedicated leadership and volunteers. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ At this time of year, we often think of what

Community Garden Universe

Peterson Garden Project is one bright star in a big universe of the community gardening movement. Our organization has been nurtured, supported, challenged (in good ways!) and invigorated by others in this sphere that are dedicated, like we are, to making food growing and green space the norm, not the exception in urban areas. The American

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Food Gardening Advice To Go

The Garden Minute provides basic food garden instruction that you can watch on your smart phone or on your computer.

Food Gardening Education

For the past five years I have been working diligently to provide as much food gardening education as possible, to as many people as possible. Besides this blog, which was inspired by my home garden, The Yarden, I founded Peterson Garden Project which has become a resource for thousands learning to grow their own food