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Food Gardening Advice To Go

The Garden Minute provides basic food garden instruction that you can watch on your smart phone or on your computer.

15 Tips for Trough Planters

Troughs, also known as stock tanks, make a great and attractive alternative to wooden raised beds. They're easy to use (no building required!) and cost-wise not a bad investment as they will last forever and keep burrowing animals out. If you pick one 36" or higher, they'll also keep bunnies out, too

The Accidental Food Patriot

I’ve been quiet for the past months, dear readers, because a sad, sad thing happened. My beloved father – who taught me how to garden, how to be a good person and never let me get off the phone without saying how much he loved me – died in April. He fell off a roof.

Advice for New Food Gardeners

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! Here's some advice for new food gardeners with the Peterson Garden Project and beyond. Welcome to a lifelong adventure...

Gardening Legacy

There’s an old saying “No matter how things change, they stay the same.” This is particularly true for gardening… no matter how much we’re influenced by TV, internet and social media people still learn to garden from other gardeners… Surprisingly, this holds true for the under 40 crowd as well who report that 82% of

Coping Tools…

Even though the calendar says spring, the weather says winter. Struggling through the loooonnnngggg “spring” in Chicago’s Zone 5 can be a chore. Especially when I really, REALLY want to be out there digging and planting. It would all be much easier if Peter would just give in and get me the greenhouse I’ve been

My favorite seed catalogs and why…

Usually I contain my seed lust until after the first of the year. January 15 is typically the date when all the holiday shenanegins are totally over (hopefully the decorations are taken down) and the looong Zone 5 winter starts to get to me. Seed catalogs, of course, are the best solace when you want

Top 5 Dumb Gardening Mistakes of 2010

Last weekend I was teaching a fall planting class for some of the gardeners at The Peterson Garden Project. And although enthusiastic and excited about fall planting, there was a lot of talk (and sadness) about “mistakes” and “if-onlys” from their summer gardens. I had to smile and say that gardens are NEVER perfect. Every

The Edible Revolution: Coming to an Independent Garden Center near you…

How’s this for irony? For the past twelve years I’ve worked in the live event and trade show industry. Last week for my week off… I ended up going to a trade show. What may be even more ironic is that we’re knee deep in harvest at The Yarden and The Peterson Garden Project and

Teaching New Gardeners… My how things change

The Peterson Garden Project (and my self appointed Block Captain duties) have made me think really hard about how to get all the stuff I know about edible gardening out of my head and "down on paper" for the many novice gardeners growing with us this season.