On our honeymoon in 1999 we went to Rome. One day sightseeing we went to a Capuchin crypt… it was a hot day so the cool environment was soothing. Even though it was creepy walking past row after row of bones — one gallery had skulls, one gallery had femurs, etc. [These particular Capuchin

Five (Make That 10) Heirloom Tomatoes We Can’t Live Without

Each year when the garden season ends my husband, Peter, and I have a conversation about cutting back on our gardening activities. We have a resolve. An agreement. A decision has been made. And then gardening season rolls back around...

Feeling Corny

The third annual Peterson Garden Project plant sale was this past weekend. Aside from being our major annual fundraiser, it is a chance for our creative leadership team to have some fun. Case in point – The Cornettes were with us on Saturday, May 10 to spread some cheer. And our “Garden Mom” Barb was running

Tater Time

When I go to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show every February I load up on potatoes (and shallots, and onion sets…) from Irish Eyes Garden Seeds. (And, yes, some years a quick run to the local discount store for an additional suitcase is in order. I’m not too proud to admit it.) This year,

15 Tips for Trough Planters

Troughs, also known as stock tanks, make a great and attractive alternative to wooden raised beds. They're easy to use (no building required!) and cost-wise not a bad investment as they will last forever and keep burrowing animals out. If you pick one 36" or higher, they'll also keep bunnies out, too

In Chicago on March 15th?

If you are, come say HI at the Good Food Festival and Conference! Peterson Garden Project and Chicago Foodies will be hosting our third annual seed swap in the Commons area (just outside the entrance to the trade show). It is a lot of fun! Bring seeds to share if you have them – if

A Gardening Lesson From WW2: Keep It Simple Stupid

My father was in the Occupied Forces of Japan during WW2 and that experience influenced his life profoundly… he had a lot of wartime expressions peppering his conversations (and a few fun songs too, like this). He particularly liked mentioning the KISS Principal (keep it simple stupid) when I tended to complicate things. Of course,

Holiday Giving 2012: Books I Love

Books are  a welcome token of love for any occasion. They truly are the “gift that keeps on giving” as they get passed from friend to friend and share their goodness along the way. I am an avid reader and sharer. Since I don’t keep books, one of my few regrets in life is not

The Strawberry Queen of Columbia County

When strawberry season was close to starting, Mr. Luttrell would put ads in the local papers with our number. Our harvest gold phone would start ringing non-stop...