Bedtime Reading

Yes, you might say I’m a geek. I read cookbooks or gardening books before bed. I lucked out with the Cooking Light Pick Fresh cookbook as it is absolutely the best of both worlds (which means fewer books on the bedside table – I’ve read it twice now and might go back for thirds.) As the

Gardening in the Fast Lane

I remember when sprouts were all the rage in the ’70?s and my mom always had a mason jar of alfalfa sprouts in production under the kitchen sink.

Holiday Giving 2012: Books I Love

Books are  a welcome token of love for any occasion. They truly are the “gift that keeps on giving” as they get passed from friend to friend and share their goodness along the way. I am an avid reader and sharer. Since I don’t keep books, one of my few regrets in life is not

Gardening Legacy

There’s an old saying “No matter how things change, they stay the same.” This is particularly true for gardening… no matter how much we’re influenced by TV, internet and social media people still learn to garden from other gardeners… Surprisingly, this holds true for the under 40 crowd as well who report that 82% of

Smart and Refreshing Read: Grocery Gardening

Smart and Refreshing Read: Grocery Gardening. This might be the smartest gardening/cooking book I have ever read. Yes, I know that is a bold statement... But first, a disclaimer... I don't know the smart ladies that wrote this book. Yes, I do follow their witty comments on Twitter and check out their blogs. I didn't receive a free copy of the book obliging me to say nice things, I actually went on two different lunchtime bookstore runs searching for it (Barnes and Noble!)