Five (Make That 10) Heirloom Tomatoes We Can’t Live Without

Each year when the garden season ends my husband, Peter, and I have a conversation about cutting back on our gardening activities. We have a resolve. An agreement. A decision has been made. And then gardening season rolls back around...

“Let Mommy get the feel of it…” (Kitchen Inspiration)

My first memories are of garden and kitchen with Father and Mother respectively. On the kitchen front, Mother tells me that my favorite thing was sitting on the kitchen floor with a pan and a wooden spoon for musical or culinary reasons. She also said I chattered a lot to myself – or maybe I

Bedtime Reading

Yes, you might say I’m a geek. I read cookbooks or gardening books before bed. I lucked out with the¬†Cooking Light Pick Fresh cookbook as it is absolutely the best of both worlds (which means fewer books on the bedside table – I’ve read it twice now and might go back for thirds.) As the

Top 10 for 10 Part 1: Kitchen Edition

This afternoon I was attempting to take a pre-New Year’s Eve party disco nap but I kept thinking – like everyone else on the planet – about the great things 2010 brought to us. I’d love to find a different or unique way to position it but being original this time of year is hard

Nasturtium Buds + vinegar = capers?

Why let those peppery nasturtium pods go to waste when they can easily be transformed into something as poetic as "poor man's capers"?

The Goods

Some... most... all? A LOT of the joy of gardening, cooking, preserving is the giving.

Canning + ReLearning

I can understand why housewives probably jumped for joy when canned foods became available and they no longer had to do it themselves. It is a lot of work. However, I also know that a lot is lost with the convenience of buying a can of whatever at the store.