Five (Make That 10) Heirloom Tomatoes We Can’t Live Without

Each year when the garden season ends my husband, Peter, and I have a conversation about cutting back on our gardening activities. We have a resolve. An agreement. A decision has been made. And then gardening season rolls back around...

Tater Time

When I go to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show every February I load up on potatoes (and shallots, and onion sets…) from Irish Eyes Garden Seeds. (And, yes, some years a quick run to the local discount store for an additional suitcase is in order. I’m not too proud to admit it.) This year,

In Chicago on March 15th?

If you are, come say HI at the Good Food Festival and Conference! Peterson Garden Project and Chicago Foodies will be hosting our third annual seed swap in the Commons area (just outside the entrance to the trade show). It is a lot of fun! Bring seeds to share if you have them – if

Top 10 for 10 Part 2: Garden Edition

The hangover from New Year’s Eve wasn’t so bad so I am excited to jump on Part 2 of my Top 10 for 10 list… now that 2011 is firmly here, and the work insanity will be starting soon enough, it is nice to enjoy the final quiet holiday moments by thinking back on the

My favorite seed catalogs and why…

Usually I contain my seed lust until after the first of the year. January 15 is typically the date when all the holiday shenanegins are totally over (hopefully the decorations are taken down) and the looong Zone 5 winter starts to get to me. Seed catalogs, of course, are the best solace when you want

Remembrances of Tomatoes Past

In 2009 we started 35+ types of heirloom tomatoes from seed. As many of you know, last summer was a hard growing year but we still had success... and lots of BLTs... here is a list of tomato observations you may want to consider before your purchases for the 2010 season.

Christmas Lima Crostini

Christmas limas... aside from being beautiful, these limas are incredibly flavorful. Some people say they taste like chestnuts... they definitely have a very rich, multi-dimensional flavor that I've never had before.