My new book!

I wanted to call this post “be careful what you wish for” but thought better of it. Although, looking back at the past five years, it all really did start with an innocent enough new years resolution to “teach ten people how to grow their own food.” Fast forward to today and I’ve had the

Fearless Food Gardening in Chicagoland

Peterson Garden Project has written a book that compiles the knowledge we've gained over the last four years teaching hundreds of people how to grow their own food. And we're ready to share it with anyone who wants to learn.

A Gardening Lesson From WW2: Keep It Simple Stupid

My father was in the Occupied Forces of Japan during WW2 and that experience influenced his life profoundly… he had a lot of wartime expressions peppering his conversations (and a few fun songs too, like this). He particularly liked mentioning the KISS Principal (keep it simple stupid) when I tended to complicate things. Of course,

The Accidental Food Patriot

I’ve been quiet for the past months, dear readers, because a sad, sad thing happened. My beloved father – who taught me how to garden, how to be a good person and never let me get off the phone without saying how much he loved me – died in April. He fell off a roof.

Putting the Community in Your Community Garden

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting an Expert Panel for The American Community Gardening Association, of which I am a board member. The topic was “Putting the Community in Your Community Garden” and was attended by 50 or so community gardening organizers and volunteers from around the country. We talked about what works (and

Top 10 for 10 Part 2: Garden Edition

The hangover from New Year’s Eve wasn’t so bad so I am excited to jump on Part 2 of my Top 10 for 10 list… now that 2011 is firmly here, and the work insanity will be starting soon enough, it is nice to enjoy the final quiet holiday moments by thinking back on the

Can’t Contain Myself!

Park City, Utah – For the past six years my dear friend Sarah and I have been coming to Sundance and staying with her brother’s family. I’ve never met a healthier bunch of people. Ever. Their lovely house is warm and welcoming. When we bought and remodeled a house in 2006 we “borrowed” a lot

A cheesy revelation

I'd been wanting to make cheese for years... who knew it was so easy?

Moments of Awe

Saturday morning I had a few quite minutes alone in the garden... I had no idea it would lead to an epiphany!