Starting a community garden program is a marathon, not a sprint. Much “hidden” work has to be done before the garden is finally built. Without a strong community you only have a very large garden… I love to help organizations and institutions craft a plan for an effective community garden program that has engagement, education and buy-in that result in longevity and success..

A long, but useful, example…

“LaManda became part of our Garden Project before she even knew it. When our hospital foundation, Florida Hospital Fish Memorial, decided to fund a Community Garden for our patients, staff and community, we began by consulting LaManda’s book, Start a Community Food Garden, The Essential Handbook. It was indispensable! As the garden began to move through the planning stages, we brought LaManda out to consult with our team and meet with community members to discuss what the garden could mean for everyone. LaManda continued to guide us throughout our planning, granting, and implementation phases. Her expertise enabled us to avoid common pitfalls and to engage a wider range of participants. LaManda not only brought expertise to the gardening piece, but she also assisted with community engagement, project management and garden sustainability. LaManda is a passionate advocate for equitable and healthy food access. She is an inspiring partner and role model! She also knows how to bring the ‘Cool Factor’ to any project! LaManda truly can turn dreams into reality!”

Maureen Mercho
Executive Director,
West Volusia Foundations
Florida Hospital


“We can grow it!”


LaManda JoyConsulting