Happy winter thoughts – VICTORY GARDENS!


We are excited to announce…

“Chicago Victory Gardens: Yesterday and Tomorrow”

Sunday, March 28th – 2pm – Dank Haus in Lincoln Square – $5 cover

Free Seeds for All Attendees

We’re putting the lecture together and have some great images to use but need MORE of Chicago Victory Gardens. Anyone out there have some to share? If so, please post on our Facebook page The Yarden.

Thank you! We’re very excited about the talk and meeting a bunch of new gardening – and would be gardening – friends!


  1. Good luck with your presentation!

  2. Thanks Linda! If you run across any good info in your cyber garden wanderings, send it along… happy holidays and thanks for the post!

  3. Lamanda,

    Have you checked on Flickr? I know I’ve seen a few vintage pics of gardens around Chicago on accounts of some of the cultural institutions around Chicago. But can’t say I specifically saw any of Victory Gardens.

  4. That’s a good idea! Thank you!

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