Community Garden Universe

Peterson Garden Project is one bright star in a big universe of the community gardening movement. Our organization has been nurtured, supported, challenged (in good ways!) and invigorated by others in this sphere that are dedicated, like we are, to making food growing and green space the norm, not the exception in urban areas. The American

Gardening with History

As you may know, our original garden at Peterson and Campbell was a WW2 Victory Garden. Our name "Peterson Garden" comes from that location. The "Project" part stems from our desire to use the WW2 model to see if it would work in our age. And we learned quickly, at that first garden in 2010, that our goal of getting neighbors together on short-term land to grow, learn and connect was a good one. Worked in the 1940's - works now!

Zone Envy

Now is the time of year where the hardcore gardeners in the northern part of the U.S. start suffering. The brain is ready for the start of the gardening season but the weather has something else to say about it… at least in Chicago’s Zone 5. I’m no different and, actually, this year is worse


What an incredible year it has been at The Peterson Garden Project! From an historically-inspired idea to the largest edible garden in Chicago… our 400+ gardeners and volunteers are an incredible group of people. We were happy to receive this award from Mayor Daley at the 54th annual Landscape Competition for Best Community Garden (Region