My new book!

I wanted to call this post “be careful what you wish for” but thought better of it. Although, looking back at the past five years, it all really did start with an innocent enough new years resolution to “teach ten people how to grow their own food.” Fast forward to today and I’ve had the


This post first appeared on We Can Grow It. I’m proud to say that when Peterson Garden Project started in 2010, we were committed to growing food for others. Five seasons later, this program has really blossomed under the care of of dedicated leadership and volunteers. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ At this time of year, we often think of what

Gardening with History

As you may know, our original garden at Peterson and Campbell was a WW2 Victory Garden. Our name "Peterson Garden" comes from that location. The "Project" part stems from our desire to use the WW2 model to see if it would work in our age. And we learned quickly, at that first garden in 2010, that our goal of getting neighbors together on short-term land to grow, learn and connect was a good one. Worked in the 1940's - works now!

Mission Possible

The mission of Peterson Garden Project, a nonprofit I founded in 2010, is to teach everyone we meet how to grow their own food. We do that with Pop-up Victory Gardens (short-term gardens on borrowed land) where we teach people this essential skill. We also have a Learning Center where we teach dozens of classes

Peterson Garden Project: 10 Exciting Things for 2013

When I run into our gardeners or people who know about the Peterson Garden Project I hear a lot of comments like "what do you do to stay busy during the winter months?" This makes me laugh because...

History Re-Eating Itself

There’s been a lot to report over the past few months. The Peterson Garden Project is truly becoming a project vs. just a single garden which we’re all very excited about. 2012 is the 70th anniversary of the first year of WW2 and the first historic Victory Garden summer. Since The Peterson Garden Project had brought awareness

Ten ways the Northwest Flower & Garden Show blew my mind…

It is ironic that having grown up near Portland, Oregon and spending over 70% of my time commuting to Seattle for work over the last two years this was my first NWFGS. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip – I was in town to do my “Chicago Victory Gardens: Yesterday and Tomorrow” lecture

Tips and Tools for (Garden) Takedown

We're a good fifteen days past our average frost date (which proves the point that the frost date is, indeed, average). This past weekend was glorious so we got some Vitamin D in addition to getting most of The Yarden taken care of for the winter... in the process I was thinking of the types of hints I would share with you all if you were my neighbors (and if you asked but, since you're reading this I'm assuming you are!)

Putting the Community in Your Community Garden

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting an Expert Panel for The American Community Gardening Association, of which I am a board member. The topic was “Putting the Community in Your Community Garden” and was attended by 50 or so community gardening organizers and volunteers from around the country. We talked about what works (and

Chicago Victory Gardens 101

This post first appeared in April of last year. We were just starting plans for The Peterson Garden Project which became the largest edible, organic community garden in Chicago. As much of a novelty as our garden was last year – developing almost overnight on private land – I have heard of numerous other “pop-up”