Peterson Garden Project: 10 Exciting Things for 2013

When I run into our gardeners or people who know about the Peterson Garden Project I hear a lot of comments like "what do you do to stay busy during the winter months?" This makes me laugh because...

Chicago Victory Gardens 101

This post first appeared in April of last year. We were just starting plans for The Peterson Garden Project which became the largest edible, organic community garden in Chicago. As much of a novelty as our garden was last year – developing almost overnight on private land – I have heard of numerous other “pop-up”

Gardening Legacy

There’s an old saying “No matter how things change, they stay the same.” This is particularly true for gardening… no matter how much we’re influenced by TV, internet and social media people still learn to garden from other gardeners… Surprisingly, this holds true for the under 40 crowd as well who report that 82% of

A Centrist Chooses Chard

Lots of Chicago-style politics going on right now around the One Seed Chicago vote! Gardeners are pulling out all the stops for their candidates… so far the competition is polite but who knows what passionate growers will do for their favorite vegetable as the April 1 deadline gets closer! I’m not one for politics… with

Top 5 Dumb Gardening Mistakes of 2010

Last weekend I was teaching a fall planting class for some of the gardeners at The Peterson Garden Project. And although enthusiastic and excited about fall planting, there was a lot of talk (and sadness) about “mistakes” and “if-onlys” from their summer gardens. I had to smile and say that gardens are NEVER perfect. Every


I’m very excited! Wednesday at 7pm I’m doing my “Chicago Victory Gardens: Yesterday and Tomorrow” lecture for the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society. When I started lecturing on WW2 Chicago Victory Gardens this spring the “tomorrow” part was a general overview of how to start a community garden a la’ Victory Garden today as they

Trial by (Spit)Fire

I’m meditating on three cool garden things this Happy (albeit somewhat wet) Easter Sunday: How excited I am to actually start gardening again this season vs just talking about it How nasturtiums are my favorite flower of all time How amazing it is that social media has made it possible for gardeners to unite in

For Those Longing to Garden… We Salute You!

Long before we had The Yarden, my husband and I lived in a two-flat with our friend (and landlord), Jim, who lived upstairs. The back yard was a big patch of grass… and, being a lifelong garden junkie, I asked if we could tear up some of that useless lawn to plant a vegetable garden.

Garden Inspiration from Vancouver Olympics

VANCOUVER, BC — Yes, I know... how could the largest sporting event in the world have anything to do with gardening... Maybe in a city other than Vancouver it might not and maybe if I didn't see everything through a gardening filter it might not... but hang with me for a paragraph or two. I have my reasons...

Smart and Refreshing Read: Grocery Gardening

Smart and Refreshing Read: Grocery Gardening. This might be the smartest gardening/cooking book I have ever read. Yes, I know that is a bold statement... But first, a disclaimer... I don't know the smart ladies that wrote this book. Yes, I do follow their witty comments on Twitter and check out their blogs. I didn't receive a free copy of the book obliging me to say nice things, I actually went on two different lunchtime bookstore runs searching for it (Barnes and Noble!)