Tips and Tools for (Garden) Takedown

We're a good fifteen days past our average frost date (which proves the point that the frost date is, indeed, average). This past weekend was glorious so we got some Vitamin D in addition to getting most of The Yarden taken care of for the winter... in the process I was thinking of the types of hints I would share with you all if you were my neighbors (and if you asked but, since you're reading this I'm assuming you are!)

Chicago Victory Gardens 101

This post first appeared in April of last year. We were just starting plans for The Peterson Garden Project which became the largest edible, organic community garden in Chicago. As much of a novelty as our garden was last year – developing almost overnight on private land – I have heard of numerous other “pop-up”

Top 10 for 10 Part 2: Garden Edition

The hangover from New Year’s Eve wasn’t so bad so I am excited to jump on Part 2 of my Top 10 for 10 list… now that 2011 is firmly here, and the work insanity will be starting soon enough, it is nice to enjoy the final quiet holiday moments by thinking back on the

Top 5 Dumb Gardening Mistakes of 2010

Last weekend I was teaching a fall planting class for some of the gardeners at The Peterson Garden Project. And although enthusiastic and excited about fall planting, there was a lot of talk (and sadness) about “mistakes” and “if-onlys” from their summer gardens. I had to smile and say that gardens are NEVER perfect. Every

Chicago Victory Gardens 101

When this post first appeared in April of this year, the garden you see above was a weedy, nasty urban lot. Within six weeks hundreds of neighbors, volunteers and friends had transformed it into the largest community edible garden in Chicago. The post below talks about the amazing achievements of Chicagoans in 1943. The Peterson

Eating History: Vintage Veggies

Researching, writing and talking about the "lost list" got me wondering about what those vegetables grown almost 70 years ago might have tasted like and how they might be different (better? worse? same?) than the varieties we grow today.

For Those Longing to Garden… We Salute You!

Long before we had The Yarden, my husband and I lived in a two-flat with our friend (and landlord), Jim, who lived upstairs. The back yard was a big patch of grass… and, being a lifelong garden junkie, I asked if we could tear up some of that useless lawn to plant a vegetable garden.

Water Wednesday #4

As we said when we started this series, “Water is the soul of the garden.” – Chinese proverb. The spitter man we’re going to share with you today has a lot of soul. When we stumbled upon him and his shell on the way to the Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy we had to stop

Water Wednesday #1

"Water is the soul of the garden." - Chinese proverb For the next 21 Wednesdays, I'd like to share fountains we've loved with you. And without further blah blah I would like to present...