Ten Reasons Why Nasturtiums Are Awesome

Ten Reasons Why Nasturtiums Are Awesome

  1. They come in a lot of lovely colors and sometimes have variegated leaves
  2. They’re totally edible (flowers, seeds and leaves)
  3. You can make interesting things with the seeds (nasturtium bud capers anyone?)
  4. They’re a trap crop (meaning, nasties prefer to eat them vs. other crops – three years ago they distracted a black aphid infestation from our tomatoes)
  5. They’re easy to plant (great for kids!)
  6. They reseed themselves and pop up in unexpected places (always a nice surprise!)
  7. They’re a good cover for corners and bare spots
  8. They grow in bad soil
  9. They thrive on neglect
  10. They make me happy


  1. And one reason they are not – they do not grow in hot summer weather here.

  2. I love reason #5. As a father of two, very young children, I am always looking for things that are easy for the kids. Although I am convinced if I gave them a small trowel, and told them to go dig they would be happy with that :-)

  3. That is true, Ray. They prefer it on the cool side. Although mine are being troopers this year and still look pretty good despite the stinky hot weather. Thanks for the comment!

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